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I Believe In You

by J.P. Kallio

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Junk Yard Dog It was warm summers nigh You were sitting on your doorstep As I sat down, you started to talk You said There's only so much this girl can give You eyes swelled up and tear drop hit the street Dad is the strongest man around I bet Thirteen brothers and sisters he was Born in the early fall Never missed a day He worked on the old grain mills He did his best to feed his family They used to call him a junk yard dog Ken black would never turn is back to any man who needed helping hand They used to call him a junk yard dog Ken black would never judge a man he did his best to always understand His old man had a funny way to show his love William was the town drunk drink never left his hand He used to chase little Ken with a butcher knife Tried to hang the kids in the barn and burn the whole place down But the good people of the town stepped in to stop the storm They gave them food and shelter, grew into a man Swore he'd never be the same, he'w bring his kids up right Now it's hard to watch as the time is running out
Who am I to you? Who am I to you? I tried so hard to be true You made me feel like a fool Time and time again Who am I to you? Those words you carved out so cruel from a window the wind blows through Time and time again We have been here before It becomes such a chore I never asked for more You never stopped looking for What has come to be What we had is just a dream What you want out of me Is something I can never be So let me ask you this Why do you insist Is this another near miss Or just a goodbye kiss
Alone at last Your eyes are looking glazed once again as you fill your glass to the brim You like the sound of your own voice and you don't want this night to end You're sipping you wine as the music plays needle on a vinyl crackles away You are scared to be left all alone You'd do anything to make them stay It's the silence that brings out the past it's the silence when you are alone at last It's the silence with thousand questions to ask and nowhere left to hide So many stories you told along the way I still wonder where the truth meets the tail And I wonder if you believe it your self all the lies you told thru the days You're chasing a dream that can never come true 'Cause as soon as you get there you're looking for more I wonder what you are trying to prove Is it so hard to be just you?
Good old song I digging through the magic back box trying to find a way trying to find something different trying to make it all the way there's got to be a trick down there for me to display Rise me on a pedestal bring glory and the fame Dreams are for dreamers it won't get you anywhere It hard enough to make it when you work through night and day I got some news for you you don't want me to say it's all about the hard work not the games you play So tell me what happened to the good old songs the kind that mends a broke heart the kind that keeps you warm on a cold winters night the kind that makes you want to sing a long So tell me what happened to the good old songs the kind that makes you fall in love The kind that you dance to all throughout the night Until you'r feet cant move anymore I miss those good old songs Rinse and repeat got nothing left to say There ain't no real stories just a hook to jam your brain factory churning out the tunes Optimised for pay Nothing left for rainy day and it all sounds the same
Annie's lament Tick tack time stopped You cannot comprehend ghost of your lost love around every corner and a bend This used to be our home Wasn't much but it was built on love in this prison trapped all alone filled with memories from a ceiling to the floor I can't let go until I know Who is that soul Took away my true love Tick tack you're trapt On a time line you're strapped You believe truth holds the key Only truth can set you free In cold blood murder got a way Your love buried on a rainy day But the ghost wont let you go until the truth unfolds
No one said it was easy Did you ever think it would come down to this Tv breaks the silence seems like there's nothing left to say He reads through the night Never looks you in the eyes Your bed is growing wide He sleeps on the other side No one said it was easy No one said it was going to be a walk in the park Two troubled hearts Breaking up and falling a part You ain't asking much Just a gentle touch It's been too long since you felt his warmth You can feel him drifting away Your fragile world seam to fail You feel so angry and alone You want to cry but the words won't come
He ain't worth a dime Four long years when you are twenty five it can feel just like a life time You thought you had a future so bright you believed he'd be always by your side You dreamed about a house just outside the town where you could have childrern of your own but even more you dreamed about the wedding day Everytime you heard the church bells ring away There's no pint in crying He ain't worth a dime He pushed you once And you know he'll never change And you know he was lying When he apologised again You're better off let him walk away You got to let go girl he ain't worth your time You still got scars from the fight It hurts to see him moving on with his life But you got the time on your side You might think you're getting on a bit But life still got so many tricks Another twenty five years from today I bet you won't remember his name
You 05:06
You You, you walked away Bag over shoulder On a summers day You threw away the past Just like a rubbish bag Never thought I'd see the day when you come crawling back You acted so surprised when I told you I fell out of love You see this old heart of mine ain't no rag doll You left on a whim when you heard the wind call Left me broken and wounded laying on the floor You, you walked away Told me it was over Couldn't take another day So don't come crying back Looking for what we had Know there's a price to pay Did no one tell you that?
The Ballad of a Road warrior The streetlight outside lights up the night you've gone to bed long long time ago I listen to the silence, the house is all gone quiet I know I'll miss you when I am gone My bags they are packed, the road calls once again But I don't want to sleep just yet You see when this long night comes to an end I gotta leave you sleeping alone once again You know this house we call home just a roof and these four walls It all means nothing at all without you I crawl into the bed in the dead of the night and listen to you breath for awhile I wrap my arms around you, I'm scared to let you go it's killing me to leave you behind And when I'm on that road, for another thousand miles another hour pass by, a minute at a time I'll be counting down the days, when I can look you in the eyes The thought of you never leaves my mind This is a ballad of an old roar warrior On his way home once again And I wonder if this time I could stay
Wheels for wings He told me long, long time ago The drink is taking its toll Still he insisted staying around When every one else moved on You could see trouble in his eyes, Drinking beers, sitting on that old bar stool He had made up his mind, He ain't nobody's fool Hey girl your boy ain't coming home tonight Trade wheel for wings at the speed of 100 miles Felt like a superstar racing down that highway While trying to feel alive he threw it all away He got everything just right. Dad to be in few months time Still the past never left him out of sight Burning rubber on a long summer night Lost the sight of road worrying what's behind Life flashing by right in front of his eyes Flipped around about a dozen times Hit the ground so hard that no one could survive
I believe in you You can try your best but still it wont be enough Please don't give up, please don't stop It takes a long time for something to grow And I ask you to never give up hope I believe in you I believe in you I believe in you As long as you stay true There always be some one telling you're doing it wrong Fear breeds resentment and nothing they say lasts long That innocent child you were long time ago Is still hiding somewhere deep down in your soul
Love is what we need We watch on TV As another child dies Innocent heart Victim of times Nobody knows whose left to mourn Just a little cold corps Washed up on the shore Please don't turn a blind eye Even though its too hard to see We cant live in a fear right now Love is what we need Please don't change the channel Even if you don't like what you see We cant live in a fear right now Love is what we need They were running a way Leaving their homes behind Too scared to stay Scared for their lives Just a little old boat Never built for the sea Their only hope Lost in the deep


released October 30, 2015

Recorded and performed by J.P. Kallio


all rights reserved



J.P. Kallio Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland

A Guitar player, singer songwriter and a blogger. Anything you say, might end up in one of my songs ;-)

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